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The following e-mail photo and story were sent by Tim Gobet, grandson of Leon Gobet, Timberwolf veteran of the 414th Regiment, "H" Company.  Tim is hoping someone may recognize his grandfather and may wish to contact Leon who is currently living in Oregon.

"Dear Robert,
Thank-you so much for what insight you could give me on my grandfather Leon Gobet!  I attached a recent photo of him receiving an honorary high school diploma from the state of Oregon.  My grandfather was drafted right out of high school and he never had a chance to finish or further his education.  He resides in Oregon City, Oregon to this day.  I personally went to this ceremony for my grandfather and it was beautiful.  Anyways, is their anyway you could post this photograph of him on your timberwolf sight?  Maybe someone will come across it and want to call him or get into contact.  Thank you so much and I look forward to hearing from you again!
Sincerely Yours,

Tim Gobet"
Thank you for supplying this information Tim!

On May 3rd, 2002 Major General Alexander Burgin, Oregon Adjuntant General, and Stan Bunn, Oregon Superintendent of Public Instruction presented honorary high school diplomas to seven WWII veterans.  Their lives and education were interrupted by the war.  57 years after WWII, Timberwolf veteran Leon Gobet (414th Regiment, Company "H") finally receives his high school diploma.

(Click here to link to the complete story and additional information about this event!)

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